RAST 3D PLA Dark Grey 1kg.

RAST 3D PLA Dark Grey 1kg.

RAST 3D are high quality 3D filaments produced in EU.

Compatible with every FDM/FFF 3D printer.

The dimensions we produce are: 1.75 and 2.85 ± 0.05 mm.

The filament is winded on specially developed by us ecological 100% biodegradable rolls of 1 kg and 0.5 kg

and vacuumed in a special barrier bag to prevent moisture and oxidation.


Materials made from 100% renewable sources.

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Polylactic Acid (PLA) ,the most popular material for 3D printing, is used from beginners and professionals.

It is easy process on low temperature, renewable and biodegradable material with sweet aroma.

Printing Temperature:

190 - 230°C

Heated Bad:


Printing Speed:

Up to 200mm/s

Glass Transition Temperature:


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